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One of the most touristic areas in Costa Rica, where you can choose among countless in the open activities. If you like the ocean, going into adventure, outdoor sports and destress watching one of the most stunning sunsets, you need to come visit.

Explore the sea

The astonishing Tamarindo Bay and the rampant surrounding beaches will madden your senses and leave you breathless. Swim in transparent waters, dive and find out the vibrant colors of the starfish and the immensity of our sealife, there is a world awaiting under your feet.


Surf is the ultimate sport in Tamarindo, given the fact that its beaches meet the optimum condition to all levels, making them perfect for rookie surfers to the most experience ones. Learn to surf in Tamarindo Beach, where the surge is soft or experience bigger waves in the mythical Witch Rock, with waves up to 3 meters tall.

Go out and enjoy

Walk on the boulevard, taste the gastronomy, have an ice-cream or an iced coconut in the beach. The night life this area offers and the friendliness of people here will not deceive you. Are you ready? Just come with us and enjoy the pura vida style! We are waiting for you!
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